Rebecca Dowling, Ph.D.

Research Interests:

Associations between early childhood classroom practices, educational technology, the home learning environment, and emergent literacy and numeracy development in diverse populations.


Dowling, R. (2020, February). Evaluating learning outcomes. Presentation for Port Discovery Education Team. Presentation

Dowling, R. (2020, January). Getting logical: Developing a logic model. Presentation for Port Discovery Exhibit Team. Presentation

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Selected Presentations: 

Sonnenschein, S., Dowling, R., & Shanty, L. (2019, June). The evaluation. In Diamant-Cohen (Chair). Reaching vulnerable families through collaborative partnerships. Symposium presented at ALA, Washington, D.C. Presentation

Dowling, R., Gay, B., & Sonnenschein, S. (2019, May). Children engage in reading and math at home, but what about science and writing? Poster presented at APS, Washington, D.C. Poster

Simons, C., Dowling, R., Metzger, S. R., Gay, B., & Sonnenschein, S. (2019, May). Parents’ views of the increasing use of technology for language arts. Poster presented at APS, Washington, D.C. Poster

Sonnenschein, S., Dowling, R., & Gay, B. (2019, March). Children’s use of digital devices to support learning at home: A descriptive study. Poster presented at SRCD, Baltimore, MD. Poster

Sun, S., French, A., Dowling, R., Else-Quest, N. M., & Hodges, L. C. (2019, March). Mathematics learning using ALEKS in K-12 and higher education: A meta-analysis. Poster presented at SRCD, Baltimore, MD. Poster

Dowling, R., Gay, B., Rennie, Allyson, Simons, C., Metzger, S., & Sonnenschein, S. (2019, March). Making slime and growing crystals: Children’s engagement in science learning at home  Poster presented at SRCD, Baltimore, MD. Poster

Dowling, R., Shanty, L., Sonnenschein, S., & Hussey-Gardner, B. (2018, June). Promoting language and early literacy in the NICU. In S. Sonnenschein (Chair), Promoting effective parent engagement in children’s learning and social-emotional outcomes. Symposium to be presented at The National Research Conference on Early Childhood, Arlington, VA. Presentation 

Dowling, R., Gay, B., & Sonnenschein, S. (2018, April). Academic success and first-generation college students: The mediating role of educational utility value. Presented in round-table session, Exploring academic success, at American Educational Research Association, New York, NYRoundtable Presentation

Dowling, R., Sonnenschein, S., Sun, S., & Baker, L., (2016, April). Advancing low income English language learners’ vocabulary knowledge in preschool. Roundtable discussion presented at AERA, Washington, D.C. Roundtable Handout

Selected Publications:

Dowling, R., Shanty, L., Sonnenschein, S., & Hussey-Gardner, B. (in press). Talking, reading, singing, and rhyming: Tips for fostering early literacy at home. Young Children. Article

Stites, M., Sonnenschein, S., Dowling, R., & Gay, B. (in press). Mathematics learning opportunities in preschool: Where does the classroom library fit in? Special issue of Early Education and Development. Article

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Sonnenschein, S., & Dowling, R. (2019). Parents’ socialization of their young children’s interest in math. To appear in O. Saracho (Ed.), Contemporary Perspectives on Research on Motivation in Early Childhood Education (pp. 75-100). NY: Information Age Publishing. Chapter Text

Sonnenschein, S., Metzger, S.R., Dowling, R., Gay, B., & Simons, C.L. (2016). Extending an effective classroom-based math board game intervention to preschoolers’ homes. Journal of Applied Research on Children, 7(2), 1-29. Article

Newsletters and Popular Press:

Sonnenschein, S., Dowling, R., & Metzger, S. R. (2018). 5 math skills your child needs to know before kindergarten. The Conversation. Article

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