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Recent Lab Alumni

Cassandra Simons, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: Can Technology Bridge the Gap Between Home and School? Evaluation of a Video-Based Parent Engagement Program for Low-Income Prekindergarten Classrooms?

Current Position: Postdoctoral Associate at Center for Early Childhood Education and Intervention

Shari (Metzger) Jurik, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: Elementary School Children’s Math Utility Conceptions: Associations with Parents’ Conceptions, Math Achievement, and Home Engagement

Current Position: Research Analyst at Prince George’s Community College and Adjunct Instructor at UMBC – Shady Grove

Laura Scaletti, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: Differential Susceptibility in Prenatally Drug Exposed Youth: Positive Parenting as a Moderator of Socioemotional Reactivity over Time

Current Position: Adjunct Instructor UMBC

Manica F. Ramos, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: Understanding Latina Mothers’ Involvement in their Children’s Preschool Education

Current Position: Research Scientist at Child Trends

Kelly R. T. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: Predictors of Parent Involvement in Part C Early Intervention Services

Angela M. Katenkamp, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title: The Relation between Parents’ Involvement Beliefs and Behaviors and Teachers’ Perceptions of Parents’ Beliefs and Behaviors

Current Position: Adjunct Instructor UMBC