Undergraduates Research Assistants

Ciomara Matamoros 

Undergraduate Level: Senior

Research Interests: To create valuable solutions to support parents of children with learning disabilities. Specifically, assist Hispanic kids in the area of public school area.

Research Projects: Parents’ Conceptions of School Readiness

Email: ciomara1@umbc.edu

Anna Boyer

Undergraduate Level: Senior

Research Interests: ABA and Educational Psychology

Email: aboyer1@umbc.edu

Megan Flagg

Undergraduate Level: Senior

Research Interest: Education and Child Psychology

Email: mflagg1@umbc.edu

Zahra Shamrez 

Undergraduate Level: Junior

Research Interests: To discover challenges that different aspects of schooling may pose to a child’s psychological, social, and cognitive well-being.

Research Projects:The preschool classroom library: Is there a place for mathematics?

Email: zahras2@umbc.edu




Join the Lab

If interested in joining the Children and Families, Schooling and Development Lab, please email adavishilton@umbc.edu for more information.