Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD)

UCRAD 2022

James, M., Brock, A., & Sonnenschein, S. (2022, April). Impact of COVID-19 on a Language Arts Assistance Program in Urban Baltimore City Schools. Poster presented at URAD, UMBC.

Nam, J., Khorsandian, J., Turner S., Galczyk, S., Placide, D., & Sonnenschein, S. (2022, May). Influence of COVID-19 on First-Generation vs. Non-First-Generation UMBC Undergraduate Students Academic Success. Poster presented at URCAD, UMBC.

Nam, J., Turner, S., Khorsandian, J., Placide, D., Galczyk, S., & Sonnenschein, (2022, April).Analyzing Academic Success in Disadvantaged vs. Advantaged UMBC Undergraduate Students. Poster presented at URCAD, UMBC.

URCAD, 2021 

Nam, J., Maheshwari, M., Turner, S., Khorsandian, J., H., M.A., Spano, M., Nasir, A., Galczyk, S., & Sonnenschein, S. (2021, April). Influence of COVID-19 at UMBC: Analyzing predictors for undergraduate students’ academic success and engagement. Poster presented at URCAD, UMBC. View their virtual presentation here!

Nasir, A., Grossman, J.A., Grossman, E., & Sonnenschein, S. (2021, April). Parent’s Role in Distance Learning During COVID-19. Poster presented at URCAD, UMBC. View their virtual presentation here!

URCAD, 2020

Moore, T., Rowan, M., Gay, B., & Sonnenschein, S. (2020, April) Which school readiness skills do Latinx parents value and how do they think these skills are learned? Poster presented at URCAD, UMBC. View their virtual presentation here!

URCAD, 2018

Alison Cohen (left) and Fatema Colombowala (right) presented a poster on college students perceptions of how their parents sacrificed to support their education. They examined how perceptions of sacrifice were related to students’ value of education. Their presentation was titled, “The Impact of Parents’ Sacrifices on First-Generation College Students’ Educational Utility.”

URCAD, 2017

Rebecca Hill and Alexander Lee presented, “Executive Functioning Strategies: How do Children Think They Learn, and Does it Matter for Task Performance.”  Poster

Nancy Chen and Felice Schwartz presented, “Differences in Math Socialization between Native Chinese and U.S. Chinese Immigrant Mothers. Poster

URCAD, 2016

Asma Qaiyumi (left) and Aman Sajid (right) presented a poster on children’s awareness of task distractions and task persistence.  They qualitatively coded children’s responses to see whether children’s definitions of ignoring distractions and persisting on tasks were similar to researchers’ definitions.

URCAD 2015

Dafina Chisholm (left) and Rupsha Singh (right) completed a poster project entitled “The Relationship Between Boys’ and Girls’ Self-Awareness of Learning Strategies and their Cognitive Task Performance at Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day at UMBC.

URCAD, 2014

Hinali Patel (left) presented a poster project entitled ” Children’s Views on How Math is Used by Themselves and Others”.  Hinali coded child interview data in order to find out who children see using math and how they see it being used.